Breaching Tools

Double-Tap Breaching Tools® are a true revolution in breaching technology. They use an advanced locking device that adds strength and ease of operation to enhance operator speed and comfort. These are the only tools on the market with an internal anti-blowback device that is inside the head. The "Floating Mass" adds impact forces to reduce bounce back and vibration, common with other hammers, and also transfers more energy into the target. All tools are machined using high quality US made materials and state of the art equipment to exacting standards making them the most reliable breaching tools available. They were designed by a master breacher, who took many years of breaching experience and made tools that would not fail when you needed them.

Double-Tap Breaching Tools offer many different choices with premium line and deluxe line tools that includes the most economical breaching tools on the market with a warrantee that is best in the business.

Double Tool Carrier (DTC-DT)

Standard Tool Set (STS-DT)

Single Tool Carrier (STC-DT)

Military Halligan (MH-DT-P)

Light Weight Ram (LWR-DT)

Quick Change Set (QCS-DT)

Freestanding Explosive
Breaching Door

Exothermic Breaching Door
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